International Day Two

Day Two

Today, I woke up at 8:15 eastern standard time. This is actually quite late for my body, even for a Sunday. Unfortunately, what would normally indicate the start to a lazy day actually meant that I was ready to start my day at 5:15 Las Vegas time and had to wait hours for this timezone to catch up with me.
That is how International always feels to me. The excitement, the readiness to be on the big stage, makes it hard to wait patiently. When the wheels touched down last night, I was ready to hit the ground running. Fast. I soared down the people movers toward baggage claim; I leaped awake this morning before the sun. This edge might have made the mundane trip to the store seem, well, mundane.
The beauty about International is that life cannot possibly be dull when travelling to a strange land with all six thousand of your closest friends. Our trip to the store ended up with three people riding in the back of a Rav4, two instances of seat sharing, and a lot of later “shopping trips” to retrieve items that had been delivered to the wrong room.
This frivolity is present at every step. Even while doing serious work to prepare for competition on Tuesday, there is a sense of fun and friendship. At this moment, a group of Farmington Valley members are off walking the strip, seeing the sights and the lights. For me, the rest of tonight will be marked by  night time dips in the many pools and hot tubs.
Being an International worthy singer is a a great honor, but, really, we do it because it is fun. This organization strives to balance work and play and, as far as I’m concerned, it succeeds pretty much across the board.

I will have more for you all tomorrow, but, as I said, the pool awaits. Once again, this is Maureen signing off


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