International – Day 3

Being at International does not mean being perfect. It means being the best possible.
I say this because today at our afternoon rehearsal, I was a bit of a mess. I was not perfect but even the Queens are not perfect, though they are much better than the average mortal. They are better through practice, commitment and focus. No singer wakes up one day with all of the skills required to be great at this. It is a slow process, one that can be joyful or painful or both, and today I got a little bruised, metaphorically speaking.
This week of competition in specific is all about shades of good vocal production, of animated, character driven sound. No one here has a shortcut or an advantage. That makes this week an invigorating mix of inspiring and humbling. Each of us will only get out of this organization what we put into it. The happy, successful Sweet Adelines are the ones who work to be the best that they can be every day of the year, not just during the rehearsals before contest. Almost anyone could physically become a queen. Only the committed few will ever get there.
With that in mind, I am happy to report that at our evening rehearsal a few hours later, I was performing at the top of my ability. Again, that doesn’t imply perfection, just as close as I am currently able to get. I will work to be better for tomorrow, next week and next year, as this competitive educational organization intends.
Be sure to check back for Day Four because tomorrow we go on stage with Farmington Valley to compete as one of the top five midsized choruses in the whole world.

-Maureen Feldman


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