International Day Four

Today, I feel strong. The whole chorus does. We are sounding great and have put the past finishing touches onto tonight’s performance. The goal today is not to learn new tricks. It is to remind ourselves of the skills we already have. As Cheryl (Farmington Valley’s marvelous director) said today, a B+ chorus cannot become an an A chorus over a few last minute rehearsals. We can’t become someone or something we are not, so we all must bring the best possible version of our current selves.
While waiting for the co-director’s of Berkshire Hills to be done with their parade rehearsal, I began to slip into competition mode.Tonight, we are not telling our personal stories. We are singers first and foremost. We are all wonderfully unique but today, that doesn’t matter. We are a unit.
Waiting to enter the pattern, I was forced to look closely at how far we have all come individually and how far we have come as a chorus. We are all more secure singers than we have ever been before, and that will transfer to the stage.
Sitting in our warm-up room, waiting for our turn (because they were inevitably running late), there was a combination of focus and joking. We all were trying to conserve our competition control and excitement without falling into a pit of exhaustion. It is hard to oscillate between amazingly excited and incredibly tired. By the time we went on stage, I had already had four winds and was enjoying a fifth burst of energy. The time on stage flew by. I still can hardly believe it’s over. Waiting for scores took forever, as it always does. That was one perk of being on second to last. We only had to watch one other competitor before the scores where tallied.
After all was said and done, we came in fifth today. We are the fifth best midsized chorus in our division. We are the fifth best midsized chorus.
I will have more to say tomorrow, but for tonight, I want to say congratulations to all of tonight’s other competitors and good luck to everyone competing later this week.

Maureen Feldman


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