Please note! Young Women in Harmony Workshop on Saturday, Oct. 28 was cancelled

DownStreet Art

Singing on an Iceberg in North Adams – June 29, 2017

Sing on an iceberg, you say? Sure, why not! Inside the Berkshire Art Museum, housed in a former church, a giant installation was erected by the artist/owner, Eric Rudd, called “Iceberg”. It allowed people to climb up and along it, via a narrow pathway, and that is where we were perched to entertain the visitors during North Adams’ Downstreet Art night. As people meandered through the exhibit halls, we sang a selection of our uptunes and ballads. While we started out as “background music”, we soon had the patrons “shushing” each other and applauding and even whistling for some of our more popular tunes.

Though we had a challenge at times due to being strung out along the iceberg, overall it was a great experience. We were able to participate in North Adams’ Downstreet Art and bring our sound to northern Berkshire County.  – by Leslie Murray


One thought on “Events

  1. Geraldine A. Dahrouge

    Berkshire Hills Chorus enjoyed performing last night (5/12/15) at the Berkshire Atheneum to a most receptive audience. What a joy to sing four part harmony, barbershop style.

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