Featured Member Blog Post – Marianne

Webmaster’s note: Marianne is a veteran singer with the Berkshire Hills Chorus and has recently re-joined the group after some time away. We are so grateful to have Marianne in our bass section and she has shared her thoughts for this featured member blog post:


Being a former chorus member who has returned to my chorus family, I feel as though I’m in a very special place.  I have the experience of having sung with Sweet Adelines for years and now the experience of being a new member (again).  I had forgotten how much singing with the chorus and in a quartet meant to me and how much I had missed it.
…But the real surprise came when I found I had returned to a new chorus.  This “new” chorus has two co-directors who are fun and funny, musically very knowledgeable, kind, willing to share their love of music, and rehearsals just seem to fly by.  We’re working hard and learning a lot and having a wonderful time doing it. Singing well is important to me and to all of us so we are on this incredibly exciting journey as we grow and improve.  What a great little chorus we are!
Marianne Juby

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