Off We Go: A Look Deeper into the world of the Dynamic Diva

A Day at International – by Maureen Feldmann.

What happens in Vegas may be meant to stay in Vegas, but the members of Berkshire Hills Chorus who are competing on the International stage this week with Farmington Valley Chorus are hoping to share this meaningful experience with all of our sisters in harmony and anyone else who cares to listen.
As members of a small chorus, it can be easy to forget how large Sweet Adelines is, how all encompassing this sisterhood is. Many of us only have intimate contact with members of our own chorus. The very lucky ones may party with other choruses within their region.
This week represents the international community that we so often overlook. Today, a section of Berkshire Hills and all of our big sister chorus Farmington Valley fly out to celebrate what makes us all the same, a desire to become better singers. Adelines from around the world are all congregating in Las Vegas to compete on stage and bond off stage.
As sad as it is to leave our family, friends and furbabies, this week allows full immersion in this wonderful alternate reality that we only get a glimpse of at regional weekends and at Symphony Hall every spring.
This week, I will try to capture the Sweet Adelines experience for everyone who can’t make it to Las Vegas.

This is Maureen, your guide to International 2015, signing and singing off.


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