Sunday, Feb. 5 – We’re performing today, at Springside in Pittsfield. We do quite a few performances each year, including many holiday gigs. We perform at a lot of different types of venues – we even got to sing on the lawn at Tanglewood last summer (click on the link below to see us there and find out more!)

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But ask any of us, and most of us will say that the most rewarding venues are the nursing homes and assisted living facilities. There’s just something exhilarating about bringing a smile to a sad or weary face, or bringing a song to the lips of someone who hasn’t felt like singing in years. So, even though it’s been a rough week and I really feel like getting back into my pajamas and watching old movies, I know that putting on a costume and going out into the world will not only make some people happy, it’ll also be energizing for me – it works every time.


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